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Center Seats

Growing family? Solo paddling? Party boat? Let your situation dictate the seating.

A 'camp rig' works great when paddling with kid's. This setup places young paddlers in the space behind the bow partner while maintaining portaging capability. Start by removing the center yoke, flip it, then reinstall the portage yoke facing the stern (back end of the canoe). Install your new center seat a few inches ahead of and on the bow side of the portage yoke.

An uncut center seat measures 41-inches. Keep pint-sized paddlers closer to the water and lower the center of gravity by using 4-inch seat drops and 6-inch stainless bolts. You and the kid's will love the Center Duo Seat.

While the camp rig makes a beautiful set up for paddling with kids, it places a solo paddler too far forward.

A paddling position about one-third the distance from the stern of the canoe works best. Hence, the common recommendation to turn your canoe around and solo paddle from the bow seat. A second option... replaces the stern thwart with a kneeling thwart. Combine a kneeling thwart with a camp rig and you have a do-it-all tandem.

If your need for a center seat stems from taking non-paddlers out; use a comfortable NorthWest Canoe Duffer Seat. The Duffer Seat maintains a low center of gravity. NorthWest Canoe can help you customize and accessorize your canoe. Visit before you head out.

Canoe Seat Replacement

Look familiar? Good news, bench style wood-cane canoe seats are a universal canoe part. Given thirty minutes and simple hand tools you'll have your new canoe seats installed and be ready to hit the water. Do it now and avoid the 'Ah rats!' moment.

  • Go for the whole seat, not just cane replacement. Time and cost of replacing just the cane often exceeds what you'd spend on a new seat.
  • Replace both seats in your tandem canoe at the same time. Like headlights, when one gives out the second isn't far behind.
  • Remove the old seat and center it on top of the new canoe seat. Mark for
    cutting and drilling. You can leave the
    ruler in the drawer if the original seat fit OK.
  • Mark, cut and drill the bow seat first. The stern is narrower so you can recycle a faux pas to the stern.
  • Dab WATCO wood preservative on the exposed end grain to prolong the life of your new canoe seat.

Duluth Pack Canoe Camp ChairCanoe / Camp Chair

Be comfortable outdoors. Affix your rump to a Dulth Pack canoe seat in your canoe, back at camp or at the stadium. Buy it at the NWC web store before your next canoe outing.

Why paddle when it's more fun to lean over the gunwale and drag your hand in the water. The duffer seat solves the third canoe seat issue and doubles as a beach chair. Get yours at the NWC web store before your next canoe outing.

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