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Canoe Building

Graceful lines, golden wood, swift and quiet, the boat you build with your own hands redefines paddling.  If you can whittle a marshmallow stick, you can build a canoe. Building a cedar strip canoe starts with canoe plans and now you can get free canoe plans for any NorthWest canoe hull design.  Check out our fresh new design, the NWC Cottager.

Make NorthWest Canoe your supplier of choice for strips, fiberglass, epoxy… we stock all the stuff you need to build your cedar strip canoe. Sure, you can do the scavenger hunt routine and save a couple bucks. But, unlike Craig's List lumber or a gorilla-size internet retailer, we build canoes for our day job. We actually enjoy talking with our customers too.

Canoe strips. That's easy. We stock boat-length plus shorter strips for FedEx/USP ground shipment. Free shipping on shorts means you can start your canoe building project this weekend.

Learn how to make a scarf joint and take advanatge of FREE SHIPPING on cedar strips.


Do you take apprentices at your canoe shop? Answer... today you’re our apprentice. Hang out in a genuine canoe shop watch and lean. Browse our
NWC YouTube Channel for more ShopCam videos.

Canoe Repair

The canoe doctors at NorthWest Canoe will patch your gel coat, install Kevlar skid plates or replace your rotted broken canoe gunwales... whatever it takes to get you back in your boat and on the water. Email or call now to schedule your canoe or kayak repairs.

Need to replace a blown-out canoe seat before you head out? Find ash, cherry and walnut canoe seats in stock plus hard to find canoe parts like six-inch stainlessseat bolts.

Make critical field repairs and get professional looking results at home with canoe repair kits from the NWC store. Every kit includes illustrated instructions. Have questions or don’t see exactly whatyou need? Call us at 944 NWC 0192.


NWC's Autum Equinox $ale - Visit shop.northwestcanoe.com

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